R. Wayne Oldford and Adrian Waddell

Loon.data is an R package of several different data sets used to illustrate the interactive visualization system called loon.

Data sets include

  • the Alaskan forestry inventory data,
  • the alpha carbons of the human antibody Igg1,
  • US Postal Sevice hand written digits,
  • black and white images of the faces of Olivetti employees,
  • images of Brendan Frey,
  • Canadian 2006 census data on the number of several visible minorities in Canadian cities,
  • historical measures of the speed of light, and
  • the detailed meaurements from A.A. Michelson’s first determinations of the speed of light.
R. Wayne Oldford
Professor of Statistics

My research interests include data visualization, exploratory data analysis, and interactive high dimensional data analysis.