Data used in the loon package.


Turn _ggplot2_ graphic data structures into interactive _loon_ plots

Exploratory Visualization via Extendible Interactive Graphics

Talk given in the invited session _Interactive Statistical Graphics_, Where Are We Now?"

Self-Calibrating Quantile–Quantile Plots

Quantile–quantile plots, or qqplots, are an important visual tool for many applications but their interpretation requires some care and often more experience. This apparent subjectivity is unnecessary. By drawing on the computational and display …

Visualizing uncertainty - problems and solutions

A seminar to provoke discussion on understanding and conveying uncertainty in data visualization, in honour of Professor Antony Unwin.

Eikosograms - The picture of probability

Introductory talk on eikosograms given in an invited session on _Innovative Ideas in the Teaching of Statistics and Probability_

Globalization and Mythology

The nature of and role played by mythology in the deliberate and accidental promotion of globalization is examined using Bruce Meyer's four types of mythology - _explanatory_, _instructional_, _legal_ or _moral_, and _historical_ (from _The Golden …

Scientific method, statistical method, and the speed of light

What is "statistical method"? Is it the same as "scientific method"? This paper answers the first question by specifying the elements and procedures common to all statistical investigations and organizing these into a single structure. This structure …