Data used in the loon package.

Interactive visualization for exploratory data visualization.

Talk given on loon at the School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems. Features Alaska forestry data analysis with loon.


Turn _ggplot2_ graphic data structures into interactive _loon_ plots

Interactive ggplots in R

Talk given by Zehao Xu on the loon.ggplot package which renders ggplots into interactive loon plots. SDSS 2019, Beyond Big Data - Building Data Tools.

About 'her emails'

Talk given by Chris Salahub on Hillary Clinton's emails at the meeting of the Stat. Soc. of Canada. Includes significance tests.

A framework for measuring association of random vectors via collapsed random variables

A framework for quantifying dependence between random vectors is introduced. Using the notion of a collapsing function, random vectors are summarized by single random variables, referred to as collapsed random variables. Measures of association …

Visualizing dependence in high-dimensional data. An application to S&P 500 constituent data

Motivated by the use of high-dimensional data such as data from several hundred risk-factor changes in the realm of quantitative risk management, we raise the following simple question, namely, How can one detect and visualize dependence in high-dimensional data?


The picture of probability


Ordering visualizations using Graph Traversal

Introduction to loon, an extendible toolkit for exploratory visualization and data analysis

Tutorial given at _MontReal 2018_ on Loon.