Exploratory Visualization of Higher Dimensional Data

Research seminar given at the Institute for Statistics and Mathematics, Wien University.

About "her emails"

Patterns in Secretary Clinton's emails and a website (select "Code") that allows anyone to interactively explore the patterns.

Exploratory Visualization via Extendible Interactive Graphics

Talk given in the invited session _Interactive Statistical Graphics_, Where Are We Now?"

Self-Calibrating Quantile–Quantile Plots

Quantile–quantile plots, or qqplots, are an important visual tool for many applications but their interpretation requires some care and often more experience. This apparent subjectivity is unnecessary. By drawing on the computational and display …


Self Calibrating Quantile-Quantile Plots for Visual Testing


Zigzag Expanded Navigation Plots


Exploratory interactive data visualization.

Visualizing uncertainty - problems and solutions

A seminar to provoke discussion on understanding and conveying uncertainty in data visualization, in honour of Professor Antony Unwin.

Interactive Visual Clustering of High Dimensional Data by Exploring Low-Dimensional Subspaces

The structure of a set of high dimensional data objects (e.g. images, documents, molecules, genetic expressions, etc.) is notoriously difficult to visualize. In contrast, lower dimensional structures (esp. 3 or fewer dimensions) are natural to us and …

Eulerian tour algorithms for data visualization and the PairViz package

PairViz is an R package that produces orderings of statistical objects for visualization purposes. We abstract the ordering problem to one of constructing edge-traversals of (possibly weighted) graphs. PairViz implements various edge traversal …