data analysis

Interactive visualization for exploratory data visualization.

Talk given on loon at the School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems. Features Alaska forestry data analysis with loon.

Interactive ggplots in R

Talk given by Zehao Xu on the loon.ggplot package which renders ggplots into interactive loon plots. SDSS 2019, Beyond Big Data - Building Data Tools.

About 'her emails'

Talk given by Chris Salahub on Hillary Clinton's emails at the meeting of the Stat. Soc. of Canada. Includes significance tests.

Visualizing dependence in high-dimensional data. An application to S&P 500 constituent data

Motivated by the use of high-dimensional data such as data from several hundred risk-factor changes in the realm of quantitative risk management, we raise the following simple question, namely, How can one detect and visualize dependence in high-dimensional data?


The picture of probability

Exploratory Visualization of Higher Dimensional Data

Research seminar given at the Institute for Statistics and Mathematics, Wien University.

About "her emails"

Patterns in Secretary Clinton's emails and a website (select "Code") that allows anyone to interactively explore the patterns.

Euclidean distance matrix completion and point configurations from the minimal spanning tree

The paper introduces a special case of the Euclidean distance matrix completion problem of interest in statistical data analysis where only the minimal spanning tree distances are given and the matrix completion must preserve the minimal spanning tree. A guided random search algorithm is shown to outperform more standard optimization methods which also force peculiar and generally unwanted geometric structure on the point configurations their completions produce.

Exploratory Visualization via Extendible Interactive Graphics

Talk given in the invited session _Interactive Statistical Graphics_, Where Are We Now?"

Self-Calibrating Quantile–Quantile Plots

Quantile–quantile plots, or qqplots, are an important visual tool for many applications but their interpretation requires some care and often more experience. This apparent subjectivity is unnecessary. By drawing on the computational and display …